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It is no longer a secret that outstanding customer service has become an imperative for superior business performance and brand equity, if not for the very survival of most companies. Industry surveys continue to show that customers will not hesitate to defect to competitors or go social with their complaints if your business does not deliver on its service promise. In this day and age of the empowered social customer, when businesses fail to deliver on their service promise, they run the risk of warp-speed erosion of a brand that they might have taken decades to build.

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Meet our Team

Ms. Priya Krishnan

Dubai Specialist

Mr. Thomas Mathai

Abu Dhabi Specialist

Ms. Supriya Pathak

Oman Specialist

Mr. Gary Pen

UAE Specialist

About Us

Setting the right expectations is critical to making the right promise and keeping it. Your business should have a robust service management system that takes into account key factors such as working days and holidays, contact center workload, etc., to make sure that the "right" promise is made. While processing service requests that involve multiple steps ...

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